Stretch Your EdTech Comfort Zone

Last week we asked our Phase 2 CEDP participants to think about how they could use technology to enhance their students’ learning. I presented John Spencer’s Eight Stages in the Teacher Technology Journey to help each person establish where they were on their own journey:

8 stages of technology journey with NN

It didn’t really matter whether they were just starting out at the Resistance or Awareness stage, were well along the path in the Adoption or Substitution stage, or closer to the end in the Integration or Transformation stage.  You can see the distribution of results (small green dots) from our quick poll showing a real spread in the experience of the 82 respondents.

2016 Participants breakdown on 8 steps (82 responses)

During the talk each professor was encouraged to reflect and grow by stretching their EdTech comfort zone just a bit. The process we suggested was as follows:

  1. Select an instructional challenge, classroom management issue or an improvement that could be made
  2. Identify a specific course or unit learning outcome associated with the challenge/issue/improvement
  3. Choose a type of EdTech that might enhance this particular learning
  4. Explore and experiment with EdTech tool
  5. Select a specific EdTech tool to integrate into the curriculum in order to enhance student learning

To help the profs along their way we showcased the following types of tools and their applications in the classroom:

Technology Enhanced Learning Tools with NN

I look forward to hearing about their experiences as they prepare, implement, and reflect on the success of their Technology Implementation Plans.