Maximizing Learning for All Workshop

Here are the slides from this week’s workshop on Maximizing Learning for All:

As you are planning your classes this fall remember that you need to “design to the edges[1]. The Universal Design for Learning (UDL) [2] helps frame our planning by suggesting we:

  1. recognize that our students are individuals, each of whom bring strengths and weaknesses to the classroom
  2. ensure our students know what and how they are supposed to learn
  3. plan an active class that will engage and motivate our learners
  4. ensure class materials and resources are accessible to all learners
  5. assess students according to what and how they learned

[1] For more information on designing to the edges, watch Todd Rose’s TED Talk on The Myth of Average 

[2] For more information on UDL check out the National Center of Universal Design On Learning and CAST

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Active Learning – CEEA15 Workshop

Here are the slides for today’s CEEA15 workshop on Active Learning in the Engineering Classroom:

Remember, our goal is to improve and deepen student learning through active and collaborative involvement in their own education!

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Ideas, Strategies, and Tools to Enhance the Teaching/Learning Environment

imageThere are so many valuable educational resources available to us these days. Check out the 6 Months of Educational Tweets posts in the Resources section for a categorized recap of my tweets (@ProfNancyNelson) over the last six months. Make it your goal to implement at least one idea, strategy, or tool to enhance the teaching/learning environment for your students.

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Flipping your Classroom

flippedClassAs someone who is a great proponent of a flipped classroom, I set out to prove to myself that the process was making my students more accountable for their learning, increasing their depth of knowledge, and better engaging them in the classroom. Read more on my findings in the Flipping the Engineering Classroom post in the Flipped Classroom section of this blog. See the slides from today’s presentation here.

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The Essentials of Project Based Learning

PBL InfographicProject Based Learning (PBL) offers students the opportunity to explore and solve authentic, complex, open-ended problems. This approach encourages deeper learning, makes students more accountable for their own learning, and when implemented well, really engages students in what they are learning.

Read more about why PBL is a useful methodology, what PBL is, and how to implement it in the Project Based Learning post in the PBL section of this blog. See the slides from today’s presentation here .

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Tapping into TED

Talk Like TED Infographic As this year’s conference season approaches, it’s time for all presenters to start thinking about what to say and how to say it so that they can have the biggest impact on their audiences. I’ve tapped into some really insightful pointers in Carmine Gallo’s Talk Like TED book that you might find helpful.

Read more in The Road to a Great Presentation posted in the Insights section of this blog.

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Active Learning Series – Flip that Classroom

As promised, here are the slides from yesterday’s workshop.

Remember that our goal in flipping a classroom is to move away from a teacher-centric classroom to a student-centred learning environment.

Hope to see most of you at the proposed E3 workshop on creating your own videos.

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