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Do our Kids Learn how to Learn?

In the last few days I’ve gone back to revisit Carol Dweck’s work in the area of growth mindset. The success of the Brainology program with senior elementary students had me thinking about ways that I could incorporate similar sessions … Continue reading

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“Feature Creep” and “Feature Fatigue”

I’m currently reading Keith Stanovich’s book What Intelligence Tests Miss that discusses how rationality is different from what we commonly measure as intelligence. As a teacher who is looking into why seemingly smart students are not succeeding in higher education, … Continue reading

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Research on the Effects of Multitasking

I finally got around to reading the recently published research paper “Cognitive control in media multitaskers” written by Eyal Ophir, Clifford Nass and Anthony D. Wagner. In it they discuss the results of a comprehensive study comparing students who are … Continue reading

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