Maximizing Learning for All Workshop

Here are the slides from this week’s workshop on Maximizing Learning for All:

As you are planning your classes this fall remember that you need to “design to the edges[1]. The Universal Design for Learning (UDL) [2] helps frame our planning by suggesting we:

  1. recognize that our students are individuals, each of whom bring strengths and weaknesses to the classroom
  2. ensure our students know what and how they are supposed to learn
  3. plan an active class that will engage and motivate our learners
  4. ensure class materials and resources are accessible to all learners
  5. assess students according to what and how they learned

[1] For more information on designing to the edges, watch Todd Rose’s TED Talk on The Myth of Average 

[2] For more information on UDL check out the National Center of Universal Design On Learning and CAST


About N. Nelson

A college professor with more than 30 years of teaching experience, I am constantly exploring how the current educational paradigm can be adapted to better meet the needs of today’s learners, while still reaching the mandate placed on us by the community and employers to prepare these students for life and careers beyond the college. I enjoy sharing my teaching experiences and expertise through Professional Development Workshops on topics such as Project-Based Learning, Flipping your Classroom, Impacting Student Success, Engaging Large Classes, and Stretching your Teaching Comfort Zone. I am also willing to share my experiences and expertise on the processes required to meet the updated CEAB engineering accreditation requirements.
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