Back as a Facilitator again!

The opportunity to gather with old and new friends to talk about teaching is something I look forward to each year I facilitate at southwestern Ontario’s College Educator Development Program (CEDP). This program brings together new full-time faculty from six different colleges to learn, reflect, think, experience, and grow as educators. As a facilitator I have the pleasure of offering a workshop on Project Based Learning and more importantly, leading a small group of enthusiast teachers as they learn the ins and outs of college teaching. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share our challenges, successes, thoughts and teaching gems as we prepare to enter our classrooms this fall.

Yesterday started with a keynote by IdahLynn Karre on ‘Engaging Learners in Collaborative Classrooms’. Together we experienced a number of team-based strategies and activities that we can incorporate into our own classrooms to help keep students engaged.

Our small group (#4) met for the first time late yesterday afternoon after attending one of five concurrent sessions. We started by sharing a bit about ourselves and what brought us to teaching. We have a wonderfully diverse group all of whom have at least a bit of prior experience in the classroom. We talked about our ‘takeaways’ from the keynote and concurrent sessions. It gives us all a chance to hear about sessions we couldn’t attend and pick up a few extra gems! I find it so interesting to hear that people attending the same session find value in so many different ways.

The evening ended with some competitive college trivia. Using our resources very efficiently, our small group #4 ended up with the highest score. Yeah team #4! The prize, bags of Smarties and of Swedish berries, were enjoyed by all!


About N. Nelson

A college professor with more than 30 years of teaching experience, I am constantly exploring how the current educational paradigm can be adapted to better meet the needs of today’s learners, while still reaching the mandate placed on us by the community and employers to prepare these students for life and careers beyond the college. I enjoy sharing my teaching experiences and expertise through Professional Development Workshops on topics such as Project-Based Learning, Flipping your Classroom, Impacting Student Success, Engaging Large Classes, and Stretching your Teaching Comfort Zone. I am also willing to share my experiences and expertise on the processes required to meet the updated CEAB engineering accreditation requirements.
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